Child Abuse Prevention

a letter from our CEO

In these times of uncertainty and rapid changes, Texas families are struggling to adjust to life with quarantine mandates, social isolation, school closures and loss of resources. It is critical now and in the coming months that communities are aware of the child protection risks rapidly emerging so we can unite to support children and families that may need support.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. As an organization we will be highlighting some of the incredible work happening in communities across Texas to support children, youth, and families and prevent child abuse and neglect.  Mission-driven organizations across Texas are continuing their critical work during this pandemic to serve families in whatever capacity they need. Whether its providing family counseling, support to pregnant and new moms, or parent education and resources, organizations are wrapping around families.

It is vital we tell the stories of these nonprofits, programs, and communities not only to share success and mission achievement, but to expand knowledge across Texas about these programs and where families can seek support. We know the need for these supports due to COVID-19 will grow, and Texas community organizations are ready to meet this need.

Join with us this month as we share stories about programs happening in communities across Texas and draw your attention to the need for these critical services.

Katie Olse, CEO 

child abuse prevention

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