Community Based Care

community based care in 2020 

ABOUT Community based care 

Texas has long relied on mission-driven community organizations to provide direct services and care for at-risk children and families.  In 2017, the Legislature affirmed the state's direction by passing Senate Bill 11 which created Community Based Care (CBC). CBC transforms the way foster care services are provided in Texas. CBC transfers functions related to foster care services from the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS)  to a lead non-profit  organization and its network of community organizations. CBC involves local stakeholders, local caregivers, and local communities to engage and collaborate with one another to meet the unique needs of their community. CBC allows for innovative care by providing communities with the flexibility, authority, and adaptability to improve services for children and their families. 

CBC includes many of the services that Child Protective Services (CPS) normally provides. This includes foster care, case management, kinship, and reunification services.  The lead, nonprofit organization in each designated geographic area across Texas creates a network of services, foster homes, and other living arrangements and, when ready, provides case management for each child as well. CPS and the lead organization collaborate to carefully manage the transition from traditional foster care to CBC to ensure service and care of children and families is not disrupted.  

Region 1- the texas panhandle

In January 2020, St. Francis Ministries launched placement services for Region 1, a 40 county areas that includes Lubbock, Amarillo, and the Texas Panhandle. St. Francis has served more than 31,000 children in Texas and other states, and has experience nationally in CBC.

Texas DFPS Region 1 Resources

Region 2- Texoma/Big country

2INgage brings the best of two experienced community, nonprofit organizations to serve our most vulnerable children and families, and is honored to have been selected by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to provide case management and foster care placement and support services for children in the foster care system in Region 2 a 30 county area that includes Abilene and Wichita Falls.  

Texas DFPS Region 2 Resources 

Region 3a/c

A partnership between the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute the Texas Center for Child and Family Studies, this CBC Readiness project includes efforts to inform community stakeholders and leaders about CBC, grow cross-sector collaboration with the goal of improving the local child welfare system, and begin preparation for needed projects and programs to improve the North area child welfare system for children, youth, and families. 

Region 3b- the fort worth area 

Our Community. Our Kids (OCOK) is a division of ACH Child and Family Services, established in 2014 to begin providing Stage 1 CBC services in Region 3b, a seven-county area encompassing Tarrant County and Fort Worth. OCOK began providing Stage 2 case management services on March 2, 2020. 

Region 6a- Houston 

An environmental scan already complete, Region 6a is now in the second phase of CBC Readiness work through DePelchin Children's Center and TACFS. This project led to the creation the Coalition of Child Serving Sectors (CCSS). The CCSS expanded the group of community leaders and build upon the Phase I findings through cross-system collaboration between child welfare, education, medical, judicial communities, family support services, and more.  The goal of this initiative is to utilize recommendations from the scan and undertake the necessary steps to build community capacity and promote effective service delivery, ultimately leading to improved outcomes with a local community that is adequately prepared to provide the services and supports that the most vulnerable Texans require.  

Resources - More information on this initiative can be found here or by contacting Tara Reed at .  

Region 7

Beginning in May 2019, Mission Capital alongside philanthropic funders and Region 7 community stakeholders, began readiness efforts for future Community Based Care implementation. Efforts include bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders including child welfare, mental health, and judicial stakeholders to identify current problems in Region 7's local child welfare system,  strategize ways to improve, and ultimately to consider how to best plan and prepare for future CBC implementation.

Region 8a- San antonio

The mission of Family Tapestry is to weave together our community to transform the foster care experience. Established in August 2018 by The Children‘s Shelter, Family Tapestry is the lead, nonprofit agency in the San Antonio/Bexar County area currently in Stage 1 of CBC.

In August 2019,  with support from Houston Endowment,  Region 6a entered Phase II of CBC readiness.  

cbc interviews during covid-19


resources for SSCC Contracted Organizations 

TACFS worked with the SSCCs to develop consolidated lists of SSCC training requirements for Personnel and Foster Parents/Caregivers, including those that align with Minimum Standards and DFPS Policy training requirements.