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Legislative Information

TACFS advocates for policies, practices, and funding that advances the quality and care for at-risk children, youth, and families. This section will give you valuable and timely information regarding the latest legislative actions, at both the state and federal levels, and offers analysis on how they affect you and your agency.

86th legislative session

Bill Tracker (updated in real time)

Foster Care/Residential Child Care Rate Proposal
Our recommendations were drafted through the lens of how to build capacity in the foster care system, so it meets the current demand, as well as ensure positive outcomes for children and youth in conservatorship of the state. In order to safeguard these outcomes, the proposal lists seven things must be addressed in the foster care system.

Legislative Priorities
The Alliance’s 2019 Legislative Priorities include requests that the Legislature consider appropriately adjusting the foster care rate methodology to more accurately adapt to the growing and changing needs of foster care, to adequately support and fund a continuum of services – including prevention, family preservation, post-adoption, youth services, and funding the continuation of CBC. 

85th Texas Legislature - Interim

Senate Health and Human Services Interim Report
House Human Services Interim Report

Interim Charges Released
Senate Charges Part 1 and Part 2
House Interim Charges

TACFS member Advocacy 

We believe the stories of our members and the children and families they serve are a critical voice in our advocacy efforts. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact info@tacfs.org. 

Advocacy resources

TACFS members can find more advocacy resources, such as legislative district and contact information here.

family first act

On February 9, 2018, Congress passed the Families First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) as part of a spending agreement. FFPSA has been considered as a stand alone bill for several years. FFPSA is an important bill that will impact the way services are funded and delivered to children, youth, and families in the child protection system.

TACFS is analyzing this important piece of legislation for our members and working closely with our state and federal partners to work through changes made in the legislation. 

In March 2019, The Council on Accreditation (COA) debuted the COA FFPSA Resource Center designed to assist agencies in finding information and to further planning efforts for the Family First Prevention Services Act. 


Community based care

Community Based Care (CBC), formerly known as Foster Care Redesign is a community-based approach to meeting the individual and unique needs of children, youth, and families in the foster care system. Within a geographic service area, a single contractor (officially a Single Source Continuum Contractor or SSCC) is responsible for finding foster homes or other living arrangements for children in state care and providing them a full continuum of services.

The SSCC is held to performance standards that promote the health, safety, and well-being of children, such as keeping children close to home, keeping sibling groups together, and achieving permanency. 

TACFS has created this brochure to help educate communities and organizations about Community Based Care in Texas. 

For more information, please visit the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services' Community Based Care webpage

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