Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen and continuously improve the services, practices, and care for at-risk children, youth, and families. We achieve this mission through education and research, collaboration, and advocacy.

Every day, Texas serves tens of thousands of the most vulnerable children and  families in the child welfare system. They experience trauma from physical abuse, neglect, poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse, and more. The Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services (TACFS) is a network of mission-driven organizations that have embraced the call to serve these children and families, and are working together to improve our care, services, and outcomes statewide. 

At TACFS, our responsibility, above all, is to the children, youth, and families across Texas that we serve every day. Our vocation and our passion is to understand and work to undo the damage caused by trauma, create a system where vulnerable children and families experience safety and well being, and maximize the potential of each child and family. 

Through compassionate & quality care, continuous improvement/ innovation and strengthening networks of care, our vision is to build communities that provide each child and family the opportunity for a bright future. 

TACFS Inclusion Statement 

We embrace all types of people and celebrate multicultural ideas and beliefs. 

The Texas Alliance  of  Child and Family Services (TACFS) supports diverse organizations by empowering voices of all races, cultures, and ethnicities. We advocate for proportional representation not only by race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and other social locations, but by organizational size, geographic location, services provided, and approaches to services. We continue to incorporate the voices of minority-operated organizations in our work through leadership positions on our boards and committees, knowledge sharing across trainings and professional development, and through  work groups and other outreach opportunities. TACFS is dedicated to cultivating environments such that all levels of understanding, knowledge, and exposure to equity are honored and welcome. 

We believe in a child welfare system that supports all children's wellbeing including children with different socio-emotional development related to a child's cultural, racial, and linguistic identities. Our vision for child welfare is that all children have basic needs met, including access high quality choices in education, health care providers, housing, and stable food sources. We recognize our commitment to inclusivity will, and must, evolve and transform as we grow and learn with our members and children and families they serve.