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#HarveyHeroes: First Lady Abbott, Sen. Taylor and Commissioner Whitman Tour Devereux

August 23, 2018 5:00 PM | Jenn Vigh (Administrator)

We’ve been sharing stories of the organizations on the front lines of relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. For Texas’ at-risk children and families, these organizations and agencies provide year-round support for our state’s foster children and families, but the devastation leveled by Harvey stressed an already strained foster care system.

That’s why the work that is underway as part of the Texas Center for Child and Family Studies’ Healing from Harvey Rebuild Texas Fund grants is so critical to meeting the needs of children in Texas foster care. You can learn more about the progress and promise of our Rebuild Texas Fund grant program here.

Among the grantees are organizations like Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health of Texas, who The Center recently featured on our #HarveyHeroes blog series.  

Devereux’s Healing from Harvey Rebuild Texas Fund grant supported rebuilding their campuses that were devastated by Harvey and the flooding that followed. But, the grant is also funding hands-on treatment and training for clinicians and staff to help mitigate and address the intangible, but no less important, needs like trauma support and counseling.

Devereux’s trauma treatment model is one focused on empowering the kids to help support themselves and, one day, to be able to provide the same support to others in need.

As the anniversary of Harvey approached, The Center and Devereux were honored to welcome First Lady Cecilia Abbott, Senator Larry Taylor, Department of Family and Protective Services Commissioner Hank Whitman, and representatives from the Rebuild Texas Fund to learn more about the relief and recovery efforts that are ongoing at Devereux. We were able to share why the Healing from Harvey grants are so important to long-term needs for foster care children and families in the impacted area.

Mrs. Abbott said, "Hurricane Harvey left behind unimaginable destruction, but over the course of the past year, we have seen that nothing is more powerful that Texans helping Texans.”

We couldn’t agree more. There are so many unsung #HarveyHeroes. We’re grateful to help support their ongoing work through our Healing from Harvey Rebuild Texas Fund grants.

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