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TACFS History 

Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services (TACFS) was founded in 1975 as the Texas Association of Licensed Children's Services by a group of child care and adoption agency directors with the primary purpose of strengthening Texas' child care laws. The Association quickly became known as a strong advocate for responsible legislation concerning children's well being and established a formidable position within the legislative arena.

In 1998, the Association instituted a reorganization and took on a new name, Texas Association of Leaders in Children and Family Services, to transition into their new organizational structure. Through reorganization, the Association broadened it's membership and created an even larger presence in Texas.

With the completion of reorganization, the current name, Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services, was adopted and remains as the symbol of what the TACFS represents. With TACFS at the forefront of change, Texas child care laws have dramatically improved. Through the leadership of TACFS, child care laws have been strengthened, funding for children's services has increased, and innovations in service delivery have been introduced and refined.

Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services member agencies realize how much can be accomplished through mutual assistance and cooperation. Additionally, TACFS now provides stronger services for member agencies on behalf of the children and families who receive their care.

Over the years, as our reputation has grown, TACFS has evolved into the premier association for professionals and organizations serving vulnerable children and families in Texas.

409 West 13th Street
Austin, Texas 78701


T: (512) 892-2683  F: (512) 892-6977

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