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#TACFSWomen Spotlight: Darcie DeShazo, The Settlement Home for Children

Mar 20 2019
"My passion for this work is ignited when I witness the amazing resilience ...

#TACFSWomen Spotlight: Chrystal Smith, Foster Village Austin

Mar 15 2019
"A huge part of what drives me to advocate for these children and families ...

#TACFSWomen Spotlight: Jenifer Jarriel, Depelchin Children's Center

Mar 13 2019
"Take time this month to learn about & thank the 'ordinary' women in yo...

#TACFSWomen Spotlight: Cynthia Smith, RISE Services, Inc.

Mar 6 2019
"Women are strong, capable and committed to serve!" ~Cynthia Smith,...

Vlog Series

 "There's no better group than women to influence positive change."

~Pam Reed, Executive Director of Devereux Texas~

"Women are the backbone of the family and women are the backbone of the workforce."

~Sharon Beard, Business Manager at Kidz Harbor~   

"There are some very influential females that have blazed the trail before me..."

~Shawna Roy, Senior Executive Director, Buckner, Southeast Texas~

"Be persistent and stay headed toward your vision... be soft but also be firm in your conviction that we need to impact change." 

~JaLynn Hogan, Executive Director of High Sky Children's Ranch~